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We are local caregivers that are dedicated to providing the highest quality hospice care within the security of home.

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We are grateful that you have chosen us to provide quality care in your home for you. For over 50 years, our HCF Family has maintained a tradition of caring by compassionately providing care for each one of our patients and their families like our own.  

We understand this stage in life requires immense trust in us. To be part of your chosen family is a tremendous honor and reward. Thank you for letting us show you what it means to be part of the HCF family!


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The timing of when hospice services should be introduced is a personal decision and will look different for each patient.

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Legacy Hospice Services


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We provide a variety of hospice care services to fit the unique needs of our patients and their families.

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Legacy Hospice believes each employee makes a significant contribution to the quality of life of our patients and the success of the organization.