Legacy Hospice is grateful to the families who have entrusted us to provide care to their loved one during this stage of life. The family satisfaction survey gives caregivers the chance to share their thoughts and opinions about the experience we provided throughout their time with us. The following testimonials were all backed with a five star overall rating in family satisfaction. Caring for your loved one is of the utmost importance, so we are honored to have received the highest ratings in overall quality of care in both results and testimonials to support the invaluable services we offer our patients and their families.

“I would recommend Legacy Hospice as soon as possible to ensure your loved one gets the care they need!”

– Mr. Rick Blevins

“Legacy Hospice will visit with you and your loved one often, truly becoming an extension of your family!”

– Mr. Gene Lafferty

"The way they cared for and performed their 'job' brought comfort and peace to my wife's final chapter in life."

– Joe Goins

“Legacy Hospice was kind and loving towards Tim, and provided quality care to him during his last days. Give them a call for your loved one today!”

– Lisa

“I enjoyed talking to the Chaplain Mark Lovely, he provided me with comfort and peace as they cared for my husband, Alan. Thank You, Legacy Hospice!”

 – Sharon

“Legacy Hospice provided an invaluable service to my family.”

– Kim